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Terms and conditions

Legal Notice

Terms and conditions

Reminder: all media related to streaming and P2P or with adult content but also online file hosting sites are strictly prohibited.Accept or not your application by Mes-affiliations.com will be notified to you by a confirmation e-mail.

Duration and terms of termination of the contract

This contract comes into effect upon acceptance of your registration, for an indefinite period. Each of the parties may terminate the right and without notice at any time, to this affiliation contract by simple notification without reasons sent to the other party by post or electronic mail with acknowledgment of receipt. The contract ceases upon receipt by the other party of the notification.

Amount of commissions - Remuneration

The remuneration of the affiliate is fixed between 10 and 30% of the sales HT. Purchases made by the affiliate do not give rise to remuneration. Remuneration is calculated based on the amount of the first sale made by customers who have previously clicked on an affiliate link.

Affiliate commitment

To be eligible for our affiliate program, the affiliate must have a website, blog or facebook page powered by quality content. Affiliate links will be on this site, blog or facebook page. In any case, we reserve the right to accept or refuse the quality of an affiliate.


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